What Your Favourite Colour Says About Your Character

  • Red
    People who love red colour are extroverts but can also be aggressive, judgemental and impulsive. They want to live life to the fullest and are very stable emotionally. They know how to control their emotions and let them go. However, they may get upset easily, if life is not the way they want it to be.
    They are very light-hearted, jolly and uncomplicated persons. They don’t like any deep thoughts or serious discussions. They like to make friends and are most affectionate. However, they may have no appeal and passion in their married life but do show up love.Yellow

    People who love yellow are well planned, organised, diligent, reserved and methodical. They dream high, have high aspirations. However, they lack the energy to fulfill their dreams and may have a hidden disappointment about their unfulfilled dreams, ideas and potentials. Having said that, their major strengths are to make plans, organise thoughts and work with great concentration.


    They are stubborn and are resistant to any change in life. They can do their best to protect their interests and life. They have a great impact and importance in social circles and may be financially well off. However, they need constant appreciation, support and love to move on in life.


    People who adore blue are peace loving and calm always. They are introverts and intellectual in nature. They are sensitive, but have a good control over their emotions. They fall in love easily with others. They work hard to keep their home and life beautiful, happy and ordered.



    They are artistic, expressive and creative people. They are spiritual people and love peace. Purple lovers, who are not artistic, have a strong inclination towards art. They love to research and discuss about mysticism and spirituality.

    These set of people are nostalgic, sweet, childish and romantic as well. They are like a child at heart and love to shop for the things that soothe them such as soft toys, curtains that are funky, red shoes and red nail paints. You will love to see their relaxed and cool mind. They can be the best stress busters to be around with.

    People who like brown are hard working and want to achieve something in life. They are realistic and practical, but are sometimes misinterpreted as selfish and takers. However, they can be very tenacious about life and success and miss out the fun part of life.

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