Things That You Can Do Before Bedtime To Lose Weight

A proper sleep is very important for weight loss and for better health as well. If we don’t get a good night sleep then the fat burning hormone known as leptin will get decreased in the body and fat building and hunger hormone, ghrelin will get stimulated.

This will result in rapid weight gain and fat belly. Bedtime plays an important role in maintaining a proper body weight. You can easily lose weight if you do some little things before going to the bed.

Eating some foods will promote your sleep, increase metabolism and also reduce stress. These foods are rich in amino acid known as tryptophan which makes you to relax and increase the fat burning hormone leptin.

You must also not skip the meals at at night as this will lead to weight gain rather than losing it. You will not be able to sleep well when you have a hungry stomach thus resulting in incomplter sleep stress ans weight gain.

Here are some things that you can do before bedtime to lose weight.

  • Eat Foods Rich In Tryptophan
    Eating foods rich in amino acid tryptophan will helps you to sleep better and ypu won’t get sleep disturbances. This will reduce stress hormones and ghrelin levels in your body causing weight gain. You can eat grilled chicken, turkey or lamb before sleep.

    Have A Cup Of Rooibos Tea
    Have a cup of rooibos tea before going to bed. This will help to burn belly fat as it is rich in a powerful flavonoid called Aspalathin. Research has shown that rooibos tea reduces stress hormones and thus prevents hunger and fat storage especially in the belly.

  • Have A Protein Shake
    Research has shown that Having a protein shake before going to the bed will boost your metabolism and will make you slimmer. This will help in burning of calories during night at a faster rate.
  • Eat Cheese
    If you Completely avoid eating before bedtime then this can lead to weight gain. If you go to sleep with a hungry stomach then it will be difficult for you to fall asleep. You will wake up hungry as well and will tend to have a high carbohydrate breakfast. Have a little of cottage cheese before bed. Which is rich in protein and tryptophan.
  • Calm And Relax Yourself
    If you will rush into the bed to fall sleep early and force yourself to sleep then this will not help. You will still be awake and will not have a good night sleep. Take your time in relaxing and entertaining yourself first and then go to the bed.

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