P2P lending vs Equities

Investments are one of the most important tools available to beat inflation. Investments come in many shapes and forms including saving account, fixed deposits, PPF, mutual fund, equities etc. Investing in equities has been one of the most important strategies adopted by investors currently. But equities are considered to be a high risk investments compared to others. You need to put in a lot of effort and time to get updated on what is happening in stock market. Even then there is no guarantee to generate returns that would beat inflation.

In recent times a new form of investment has disrupted India’s lending industry i.e. P2P lending. In P2P lending you need to invest quite a less time compared to other forms of investment. This investment also generates returns that are greater than equities in a shorter period of time. The article on LoanKuber.com made me inform about advantage of P2P lending over equities. This article on http://www.loankuber.com/content/peer-to-peer-lending/peer-to-peer-lending-vs-equities/  proved to be very informative and beneficial to me and if you are a fellow borrower you should definitely give this article a read.