5 Weird & Funny Questions People Search On Internet

How To Give Birth To Baby Boy?

This is medically a correct question, but is a very sexiest and offensive question, as there have been many cases of female foeticide. People should understand that this is a totally wrong thing to search for. We must give equal love and respect to both genders.

How To Kiss?

Agreed that kissing has many types, such as French kiss and may be an Indian kiss. However, we just don’t get why one should go into the types. Kissing is a feeling of love and not a mathematics problem that we need to calculate and measure, and then kiss. Enjoy your cute little moments of a kiss and let it be a natural thing.

Why Do I Pee When I Run?

This question is among the most embarrassing questions that is searched on the net. It can occur when the pressure inside the abdomen due to running rises and in turn puts force on the bladder to cause urine leakage. Why wouldn’t people understand this simple logic.

How To Fart Loudly?
People do search for farts also, and they have enough of time to spend on their farts! Searching for the details on farts itself can be embarrassing; however, some naughty people search for how to fart loudly in public.


What To Do?

It is crazy for people to search this question when they get bored. They reach out for Google’s help in this case. This is completely insane and weird. When one browses the internet, the act itself can keep him/her busy. Guess people have taken Google way too seriously.

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