5 Summer Workout Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

We all love Summer! The warmer days make you feel like getting off from the couch and get up and be active. But you need to be cautious about the heat when working out, whether its going to the gym or being active outside. Did you know that there are some disadvantages of working out in the heat, in order for you to maintain the body you’ve worked hard for all year, here are some easy summer exercise mistakes that people do and tips on how to avoid them-

  1. Drinking Coffee Before Workout : There are people who drink coffee before the workout and they’ve found out the hard way that, water is a much better option for hydration before the workout. Coffee or any high-caffeine drink can act as a diuretic to your body, causing more fluid loss than normal when you consume it before workout.To avoid this mistake; simply drink water before your workout. The cooler the water, the more your body can get out of your workout. Be aware that cooling your body before a workout is a good idea. 
  2. Not Wearing The Right Cloths : Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing in breathable fabrics. It’s not sweat that cools the body; rather, the evaporation of sweat into the atmosphere. so, don’t be afraid to get sweaty! Most people prefer to wear loose fitting Cotton clothes in order to allow their body some ventilation as they sweat through their intense workouts. When you exercise, cotton clothing will hold sweaty moisture, which can cause chafing and rashes. Cotton socks swell with moisture, causing them to lose their shape, which can lead to blisters – the deadly enemy of lower body training. Sweaty clothing also weighs you down, making exercise harder, which causes you to sweat more. Choose clothes that are balanced fitted but not overly tight or too loose will stave off make fun of cloths. you don’t have to wear tight, form-fitting clothes in the summer to get a good workout. 
  3. Eating Less After Workout : The best way to re-fuel is to eat within 30 minutes after workout. Sure, the hotter it is outside, the less you may want to eat large meals. But keep in mind that after workout you don’t have to eat a large meal to restock your energy. Something as small as one hard-boiled egg and a handful of carrot sticks is sufficient to keep you going. Also, a homemade Juice or whey protein shake is a great way to get your body re-fuelled and hydrated. When working out in higher temperatures, you not only need to replenish your water supply, but your food (energy) supply as well. 
  4. Late Workout Schedule : Take a lot of rest at night and continues your morning workouts as scheduled. If you must work out later, try working out in the late evening when the sun is on its way down. In the summer, temperatures go up much earlier in the day. So, doing your workout soon after puts you at risk to overheat and it cause damage to your body. Remember the body takes time to acclimatise, so you need to give it that time It’s best to exercise during the cooler parts of the day, like early mornings or after sundown to prevent heat-related illnesses, or if afternoon is the only time you get to work out, then exercise indoors in temperature-controlled environments. For instance, a gym facility with air conditioning!
  5. Using the weather as an excuse : Many people use the weather as an excuse not to do things like exercise, rather than using an execuse to avoid workout put your energy into fun things such as swimming, cycling and much more. Instead of saying, “It’s too nice to be stuck in the gym,” and lounging around, throw your kids in a pool and play with them. Challenge your friends to a volleyball or badminton tournament. 

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